A Busy Summer Ahead...

Hi Everyone!

It has been a few weeks since I've updated; as the summer rolls in so do the films.

I've been working on some very exciting projects lately, the first of which you will see coming soon this summer.

The Orange Daisy Project is a short doc series for promoting positive role models for teen girls. It deals with bullying, cyber-bullying, social media, addiction, mental health and many other issues that young women face in their most vulnerable time of growth. Produced by Red Czarina Entertainment, with whom I've worked with on many projects, I am the sole male in the shooting crew and thus I cannot thank enough times for trusting me on this project, given the subject matter. I'm looking forwards to seeing this series released mid-late July.

In between shoots, I shot a short film directed by Matthew Van Ginkle, called Mr. Bitey. Matt is a recent U of Winnipeg film graduate, and has come and crewed for me several times being my dolly grip on The Middles and Exposed Nerves. When he presented me with this cute/funny/scary short film of a boy and his pet zombie, I couldn't say no. Matt is just starting his journey as a filmmaker and I'm happy to be part of it.

I've got several other projects coming up this summer, including the 48 Hour Film Contest presented by the Winnipeg Film Group. I don't normally do the "contest" thing, but when I was asked to take part and the days lined up, I'm not one to pass up getting behind the camera another day. Also coming up post-Fringe Festival is Jane Garbage, the feature film component to the Orange Daisy Project. I'll be dropping out of my usual role of DOP for this one, instead I'll be gaffing on this project and I'm looking forward to concentrating on lighting and honing that skill.

Also in other news, the great Madison Thomas made finalist for the best "female filmmaker" category in the International Open Film Festival for our film Music Of The Spheres.

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