My new doc - The Dream Factory - coming soon!

My doc is -finally- going to be released soon. Im excited, this has been an experience for sure. I had shot many of the MTS Stories from Home docs for other people, but directing and producing is another beast. On top of that, the subject, Einfelds Bakery is close to me: it was my first job at 14 and I worked there every summer through to university. Brad and Janice became good friends, so it means a lot that they trusted me to come in with a camera and film them. I drew on my several years of shooting reality TV to cover the unique culture within Victoria Beach as well as the work culture of the bakery itself.

I want to thank my post production team for kicking it into high gear to finish up the various bits of production after the cut was done, and a huge thanks to Cam and Kim at MTS Stories from Home for producing this project, and having patience with me and my "extended" post schedule.

Look for it on MTS On Demand soon!

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