Dream Factory, Trailers, Vacation and more!!!

Hi everybody!

I've been away on vacation, travelling through Europe and experiencing many new and cool things.

But while I have been away, many things have developed:

Firstly, my documentary The Dream Factory: 80 Years of Einfelds Bakery, is now available for streaming on MTS On Demand, you can find it under the Stories From Home, under the Lifestyle tab.

My film Exposed Nerves, directed by Madison Thomas and produced by our company Prairie Kid Productions, has released a trailer.

A dance teacher battles with her physical manifestations of her bipolar disorder - interacting with her manic and depressive sides.

Exposed Nerves will be premiering at ImagiNative this October.

Next weekend I'll be on set shooting a sci-fi short film with documentary turned dramatic film director Paul Plett on his film Scab.

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