Docs, docs, more docs

Wow, it sure has been a while since I've written here! It's been a busy year so far post-IRT, and much of it has been docs! Im posting up a few rough-graded stills from the project I just wrapped up shooting with Madison Thomas for MTS Stories From Home; Hit Like A Girl follows an all-female boxing class that runs out of the amazing Pan-Am boxing gym in the Exchange district. Its just such an awesome looking location, and the instructors were great to work with - I know the edit has just started, but it should be hitting (pun intended) the MTS On Demand system by the fall.

Also very excited to say I'm now an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. The CSC is a group of amazing people I've looked up to for many years, and although this isn't full membership, it is a recognition of my years of work up to this point. Im looking forward to the many more years it gets to become a full member and the people I get to work with that support and challenge and guide me through that journey.

Coming up is a short doc through the NSI Indigi-Docs program, I'll be working with director Rodger Boyer and producer Darcy Waite shooting their great project, as well as a handful of short films still in early pre-production.

Also to fill in some of my off time, I've taken a job at William F. Whites here in Winnipeg, so if your in the shop, come down and say hi!

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