BIG UPDATES, Scab, RAMA and more!

Wow, has it ever been busy!

What have I been up to? Last year, I started working for William F White International, which supplies productions across Canada with film equipment. Since working there, in addition to continuing shooting short films and documentaries, I've become a Remote Head Technician, and also running the camera department here in Winnipeg in remote connection with the Whites Camera in Toronto.

Whites has become a major supporter in my journey, helping in a huge variety of ways. So you may see me on set, or in the camera room prepping shows.


We are kickstarting for a feature film, called RAMA, directed by Paul Plett, go check it out there:

Paul and I had also shot another short film called Pisces, shot this spring and Im excited to get that out to the festivals.

Im also currently colour correcting Somewhere In September, my film directed by Shelly Anthis.

So keep your eyes out, I got lots coming down the pipe.

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