Ruthless Souls premieres at ImagiNative in Toronto

Hi Everyone!

I do not update this blog as much as I should!

Late last year, I was fortunate enough to team up again with Madison Thomas on her new feature, Ruthless Souls, which was a Telefilm funded film.

The film would have 3 Cinematographers; Tyler Funk shooting the current tense narrative, Jordan Popowich shooting the flashback past tense, and myself shooting a confession side narrative.

It was great working with two other amazing local DPs and coming together, all of us shooting various projects with Madison in the past, to shoot all one project. Madison encouraged us to retain our individual shooting styles and all three blended quite nicely.

Myself and my wife Branigan went to Toronto this past weekend to the ImagiNative Film festival, along with Madison, Producer Darcy Waite, and a huge portion of the cast, to attend the premiere of the film.

It was a wonderful weekend and I'm very proud of this film - go see it when you have a chance.

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